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  5. "Tämä on samaa ruokaa."

"Tämä on samaa ruokaa."

Translation:This is the same food.

July 3, 2020



can't I say: this is the same dish? (not like a plate or anything but RUOKA)


If you are at a restaurant and order the same thing as you did last time, you would obviously not say: "Tämä on samaa ruokaa". Instead you could use e.g. "ruokalaji" (dish) or "annos" (dish, portion), and not use the partitive. "Tämä on sama annos (kuin viimeksi)." Or just: "Otin tän saman viime kerralla" (I took this same one last time, spoken Finnish).


Sorry, but I believe you use "dish" in English also when you cook at home. Imagine e.g. the salad being put beautifully on display. There's a child who has a bit of every dish on his/her plate already before coming to the table. After sitting at the table, the child points at the salad and says "I want that!" The mother points at the salad on the child's plate and answers "This is the same dish, sweetheart." = Tämä on samaa ruokaa, kultapieni.

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