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"Je pars, et toi tu devras tout gérer à la maison."

Translation:I'm leaving, and you, you will have to manage everything at the house.

July 3, 2020



In English we don't generally repeat the subject of the sentence unless we are hesitating for some reason or making a point of giving extra emphasis to the subject.


I translated it with only one "you," and it was accepted.


Surely needs a comma if really need two yous


You you? It would work with the right intonation when spoken but not written like this. You're getting increasingly sloppy Duo!


Duo is teaching the FRENCH construction of doubling the subject pronoun for emphasis. Personally, I don't feel comfortable using the doubled subject in English. So I typed only one "you" and it was accepted.

The purpose for doubling "you" in the default translation was not to create a beautiful English sentence. The purpose is to remind us to use the doubled form when we're writing French. This practice will help us engrain the French doubled subject in our brains. It's really about learning a new language, not perfecting an o!D one.


Why does tout come after devras and before gérer? My thinking is that is describes managing everything having everything to do. In the previous step in this exercise Duo allowed "devras gérer tout". Is one way or both ways correct and is one a better use?


More English words with French phrasing. Very tiresome.


I have entered the correct answer three times, and Duo won't accept it. I get the feedback "Excellent!" but then the program makes me enter the sentence again, and again.

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