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"Anteeksi, mutta puhutko suomea?"

Translation:Excuse me, but do you speak Finnish?

July 3, 2020



I used puhutteko suomea ,which is the more formal case and should have been accepted


"Sorry" is another way to say "excuse me" in English. I think it was an accepted translation in another exercise.

[deactivated user]



    puhutteko te - plural you puhutko - singular you if I understand correctly


    I have such a problem - "sorry" "excuse me",


    I hope I understood your phrase correctly:

    In English you say "excuse me" when you need someone's attention, e.g. talking to a stranger for the first time or asking for a help in a shop. And you say "sorry" when you have accidentally done something that might upset someone, e.g. accidentally bumped into them when walking past.

    Finnish does not have this so we use "anteeksi" for everything. (Finnish has also adopted "sori" or "sorry", but that is in spoken language, but we use that for both meanings as well.)


    But in this case you could also say 'sorry' in English. As in "Sorry for asking, but ...?" or "Sorry for bothering you, but...?" shortened to "Sorry, but ...?"


    Wrote "sorry" instead of "excuse me", refused. Maybe i was wrong, i'm not sure if "sorry" could work.


    "Excuse me" is more polite English but somehow I feel like people do use "sorry" in real life too. Finnish has only this word, "anteeksi", which translates into both.


    "Anteeksi, mutta PUHUUKO suomea?" was accepted. Could be an error.


    It probably counted as a typo.


    Anteeksi, minulle on "question": Is the use of ~KO after the verb mandatory in all questions in Finnish? Can it be left out?


    It's used when the phrase doesn't have an interrogation word (mikä, mitä, missä etc. or kuka, ketä, kenen etc.). Right now I can't think of any other occassion when it would not be used, so I say it's mandatory.

    You can also attach that to almost any of the other words in the phrase if you want to emphasize them instead of the verb, e.g.: "Anteeksi, mutta sinäkö puhut suomea?" means something like "Sorry, but is it you who is speaking/can speak Finnish?" or "Are you (really) speaking Finnish?"


    En puhu sujuvaa suomea, mutta puhun hyvin vähän suomea.

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