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  5. "Why is this chicken orange?"

"Why is this chicken orange?"

Translation:Miksi tämä kana on oranssia?

July 3, 2020



You can say [oranssia] e.g. about food; like if you're asking why the meat has an orange tint to it.

If you want to ask why an actual bird (or toy etc.) is orange, then just say [oranssi].


Koska tämä kana on outoa.


Koska kana on lelu


That would be a valid explanation for the sentence "Miksi tämä kana on oranssi?".


Why? Because we're talking about the whole thing being colored orange vs having an orange look?


Kana, when it refers to chicken meat, is an uncountable mass noun. When an adjective is linked to an uncountable noun by the verb on, that adjective needs to be partitive.

If kana refers to the animal, or a toy of the animal, then it's a countable noun. When an adjective is linked to a singular countable noun, it's nominative.

So 'Kana on oranssia' "The chicken (meat) is orange" 'Kana on oranssi' "The chicken is orange".

These adjectives are taking the same case their nouns would if they were in the same position after on. Thus 'Tuo on oranssia kanaa' "That is orange chicken (meat)". 'Tuo on oranssi kana' "That is an orange chicken".


Maybe it is seasoned with turmeric


Koska se on "orange chicken" kiinalaisesta ravintolasta. Nam! :-)


Would it be possible in this sentence to use "broileri" instead?

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