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  5. "Mikä puisto tämä on?"

"Mikä puisto tämä on?"

Translation:What park is this?

July 3, 2020



Tämä on sibeliuspuisto. Jee


Is mikä used for both what and which?


Yes. If you want to emphasis "which park (out of x amount)", you can say "mikä (niistä/näistä/noista...) puistoista tämä on?"


It should also be noted that "which" quite often translates to "kumpi" instead. "Mikä" and its other inflected forms are used when the number of options have not been specified, and "kumpi" is used when the numbers of options have been limited to two options. Similarly to "mikä", "what" is used when the number of options have not been specified, but the crucial difference to note between "which" and "kumpi" is that while "which" is also used when dealing with a specific set of options, there may be more than just two specific options. "Which" is often used when there are just two specific options but sometimes there are more, so it depends on the context whether "kumpi" should be used in situations when "which" would be used in English. "Kumpi" always translates to "which", but "which" doesn't always translate to "kumpi".


What park this is ? Wss romg but I only lived in uk 13 years and studied there and seems like my English is still bad )


I just reported "What is this park?" as being a possible translation. Nov, 2021. These should be interchangeable. ;)

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