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  5. "Onko sinulla kanaa kotona?"

"Onko sinulla kanaa kotona?"

Translation:Do you have chicken at home?

July 3, 2020



Do I understand right that if it was just 'kana', it would mean a chicken, as in, the living animal?

[deactivated user]

    Why not some chicken at home


    "Chicken" in English can be used as a mass noun, so leaving the article out ("chicken" instead of "a chicken") already tells you that it's a question of some undefined amount of chicken.

    "Do you want (to eat) chicken or fish?"

    "Haluatko (syödä) kanaa vai kalaa?"


    That's a good explanation, but would it be all wrong to write "some chicken"?


    No, since that's the structure Duolingo has introduced earlier to indicate (highlight) the partitive. However, adding "some" isn't really necessary. :)


    If "Onko sinulla kanaa kotona?" = "Do you have chicken at home?" (ie. to eat) then would "Do you have THE chicken at home?" (ie. a chicken both speakers know of) be "Onko sinulla kana kotona?"


    Yes, I was wondering this, too.


    The word order makes a difference here as well.

    Do you have the chicken at home? - Onko kana sinulla kotona?

    Do you have a chicken at home? - Onko sinulla kana kotona?


    If you were asking for an specific amount of chicken, would you still use the -a sufix for kana or not? (For example: "Do you have one chicken at home? Onko sinulla yksi kanaa kotona?")


    "Yksi" never triggers partitive case for the noun it modifies.


    Why "the chicken" or "a chicken" is wrong?

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