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"We had walked to school quickly."

Translation:Wij hadden snel naar school gelopen.

August 5, 2014



My translation "we waren snel naar school gelopen," was marked incorrect.

As I understand it "was" is generally used when someone or something changes location or state. So if one is walking and the focus of the sentence is on the action of walking you would say "had/hadden", but if one had walked to somewhere else you would say "was/waren." Is this incorrect?


As a native Dutch speaker I unfortunately can't really explain it, but they are both correct. Although your solution is a way more natural formulation and IMHO it should be allowed.


I put "wij hadden naar school snel gelopen". This was marked wrong. Can snel not go that late in the sentence? It is modifying "walked", after all.


You have to put it before naar school.


My understanding is that when motion occurs, zijn is used instead of hebben. Why not in this case? Thanks.


Certain verbs take either zijn or hebben depending on several factors:

Some verbs that take either zijn or hebben include:

  • Klimmen

  • Lopen

  • Rijden

  • Springen

  • Wandelen

The verbs listed above take zijn when direction is implied and hebben when no direction is implied. However, note that any verb used transitively or reflexively always takes hebben in the perfect tense.

I could certainly see a correct translation of this sentence in Dutch as:

Wij waren snel naar school gelopen.


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