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"Ils couvriraient les meubles pour les déménager."

Translation:They would cover the pieces of furniture to move them.

July 3, 2020



Duo should also accept "they would cover the furniture..." pieces of isn't necessary in this sentence although not wrong.


"They would cover the furniture to move it" is accepted. "They would cover the furniture to move them" is not.


Duo does accept "the furniture" without "pieces of"! :)


It didn't accept it for me


In English we would be more likely to say, "They would cover the furniture to move it." The Spanish to English course on Duolingo covers this topic very clearly (uncountable nouns in English such as "furniture" that are countable nouns in other languages).


agreed, 'it' not 'them'.


And, for the hundredth time, it's impossible to distinguish "ils couvriraient" from "il couvrirait" by ear. What should be done to make both variants acceptable?


"They would cover the furniture for the move" is how I would translate this. We do have the french expression here, therefore it can be easily understood that "to move them" (pour les déménager) is in reference to relocating. In the absence of this bit of information, however, "to move them" can very well mean re-arranging such items within the space that they already occupy. As it relates to the translation provided "to move" is a verb that indicates a change in position "the move" on the other hand is a noun that identifies an event. Simply put, as per exercise, "the move" does a better job of communicating the idea that a change of address is being referred to.


No one says piece of furniture, just furniture


Duo did not accept "They would cover the furniture to move them" for me on 8/8/20


...except that there is no choice except "them" - and furniture alone is collective and would require "move it". OK Duo... I accept your translation!


But it does sound really weird like that in English. "... cover the furniture to move it." definitely sounds more normal.


Totally agree with Anne737429


"They would cover the furniture to move it" accepted. August, 2020.


I'm giving up on speaking as it is never right.


Personally, I would lift up the furniture so it doesn't drag on the carpet or scratch the parquet. This would be better as: "They would cover the furniture before moving it." - which is what it really means.

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