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  5. "He has an old instrument."

"He has an old instrument."

Translation:Hänellä on vanha soitin.

July 3, 2020



Minulla on vanha soitin — kitara vuodelta 1909 :D


Does the word "soitin" refer to only music instrument, or also to working tool?


In addition to a music instrument, it can be anything that plays music, such as an MP3 player, but it's not a tool.


I could also add that it's bit like a word play and might help remembering the word: to play an instrument = soittaa; so we have made an object from the verb -> soitin. So pretty much anything you can play (music with) or that can play music, is "soitin" :)

A tool is then "työkalu", it's a compound word and literally "a work object", I see you are/have been learning German too, so it's the same idea as when German uses a word "-zeug" at the end of things, like "das Werkzeug".

"Instrumentti" is also a word in Finnish but it's not as often used, and even less rarely for music instruments.

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