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"Inutile de te cacher dans le placard, je te vois !"

Translation:Useless to hide in the closet; I can see you!

July 3, 2020



As a native English speaker, I think it should be "It's usless/pointless to hide in" or even better "It's usless/pointless hiding in"


I agree. "Useless" without preceding "It's" is incorrect.


"No use hiding..." is accepted


agree - the quality of some of the English seems to be really deteriorating


Agreed. Have reported "It's useless..." (Before I came here. Agreed on both points)

Always let them know via the flag system what is the best English phrase for any given translation. They do pay attention but depending on how long it is to the next upgrade of answers, it could be a while before it appears. You'll get an email telling you if it's been accepted.


Why is wardrobe not accepted?


"It is useless for you to hide in the closet, I see you" ??? I really don't see why my translation was rejected. "it is implied and "you" as in "te" is referenced in the french expression. Also, I think cupboard or Closet should be accepted as a translation for "placard".


Erm...where is the "can" in the French sentence? "je veux te voir" is it right?


i believe it should be "je peux te voir" I CAN see you instead of "je veux te voir" or I WANT to see you. But your point i believe is well said, why is it "I can see you" instead of "I see you" which is a closer translation IMO.


I don't see "can" in the french expression either. I have seen it often enough in Duo's suggested translations that I no longer question how it came to be. Maybe at some point, the crafters of this exercise will provide us with some clarity.


I know Duolingo was trying to get to colloquial English by adding "can", but it's truly unnecessary. I actually smiled when I read this. My mom would use a singsong voice and say to me; "I see you!" ~sans "can"

(A Duo sentence j'adore)


I'm not sure what clarity you want. The French language often implies these modal verbs. The logic is that if you do see something, you must be able to see it.


This is the frustration I am finding in this level. Previously, in many places,"le placard" was translated as "the cupboard", now it's translated as "the closet", and one is marked wrong for writing "the cupboard". One can easily hide in a cupboard, especially a child. Also, how does "I see you" become "I can see you"!


Sorry, New levels on Duo are always like this. If you're frustrated, maybe work on different parts of the tree until.The crowd sourced corrections are done. Otherwise, help by reporting in the lessons.


"I see you," and, "I can see you," are pretty much equivalent. The "can" adds some emphasis, that's all.


"Useless to hide yourself in the closet, I see you!" was rejected 19 July 2020. Even though "yourself" is redundant in this sentence, it is not incorrect to use it. Reported.


Heureusement, je ne me cache plus dans le placard~


I don't understand why one would have to say 'I can see you' rather than just 'I see you'


ce translation est vraiment bizzare


Cette phrase est bizarre en anglais.


Cette application est bizarre !

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