"Des boissons sont en vente à la réception."

Translation:Some drinks are for sale at the front desk.

July 3, 2020

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reception rather than front desk is better English, I think.


I agree. It should be accepted.


We also say "on sale at reception," but appreciate that "on sale" means something different in the States. PS. Strange that drinks are being sold at the reception; you'd expect drinks to be sold at the bar?


Drinks are on sale in the reception?


"Drinks are on sale at reception". Rejected, reported. A good number of the translations in this module want attending to. Once again the translation is over-literal; it is of course important that we know that "drinks" will be translated as "des boissons", but it is absolutely not the case that the other way round works. The English does not require the partitive "some"; in fact, using it here strongly implies a limited number of drinks, which is not implied at all by the French.


I reported it again today but I'm not holding my breath!


according to my dictionary the translation of réception is, well, reception. so, some drinks are for sale at reception


I wish that Duo would be consistent with the translation of indefinite and partitive articles.


"the front desk" and "Reception" mean exactly the same thing. "Reception" and "the reception" are not the same thing. Yet only "the front desk" and "the reception" are accepted. Another example of just how difficult languages get to translate through a program like this as the concepts being expressed get more complex.


the word reception is an acceptable word for what you call 'the front desk',


Is "Des boissons" the usual way to express "Some drinks" at the beginning of a sentence in French, or is "Certains boissons" the more common usage?


"Des boissons" is unspecifically neutral. It just means 'drinks' usually. If you want to specify that only some (assorted) (maybe not all) drinks are sold there, you can emphasise this using 'certaines boissons'.


Drinks are on sale at the reception.<--accepted.


"the reception" is a bit strange, in English it refers to a particular "reception" makes one think of a wedding reception.

"Drinks are for sale at reception" was not accepted.


Really. Then I guess I should report that "Drinks are on sale at the reception desk" should be accepted because I was shot down for that one.


Why is there no "s" at the end of vente to agree with "des boissons"?


Reception should be allowed


Hey - Duo! More English lessons for you: "réception" in English is..."reception". You can also say "front desk" - but one is not right and the other wrong.


agree with previous comment and we would say in reception


Yes, in England we say 'at reception'. It should be accepted too.

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