"I'll become an architect at this agency."

Translation:Je deviendrai architecte dans cette agence.

July 3, 2020

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used "à" and was marked wrong. Duolingo never explained why, so is this same as the "au restaurant/dans ce restaurant" stuff? (duolingo never accepted "à ce" in my experience).


I don't think it's just Duo. The French avoid saying "à ce(tte)" (unless there is no viable alternative).


Elsewhere, Duo required the article when the sense was more specific than a general career field. Here, "at this agency" seemed to require the article. Please clarify.


I think you may be confusing the dropping of the article for a person in a profession with the place of work, which does not drop its article (unless the appropriate preposition is "en").


Pourquoi cette agence. Je pense que cet agence parce que ce mot commençe avec le voyel "a"


On emploie « cet » pour les noms masculins qui commencent avec une voyelle ou un h muet. Pour les noms féminins, on emploie toujours « cette ».

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