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"The battery is almost dead; where is the charger?"

Translation:Akku on melkein loppu; missä laturi on?

July 3, 2020



Missä on laturi? should be accepted too?


That's a bit more like *Where is there a charger?"


Yeah but Finnish is a complicated language.. and I have never heard anyone say: "missä laturi on?"


'Akku on melkein lopussa' should be mentioned, too. It is widely used and correct.


There are three possible ways to express, when something has run out or is out:

Maito on loppunut

The milk is out. Using verb loppua → loppunut : to end, to (have/had) ended, is possible for "material words", uncountable words.

Akku on lopussa

The battery has run out/is dead. The noun loppu in a declined form lopussa. This form is always usable, so both Akku on lopussa and Maito on lopussa are correct.

Akku on loppu

The non-declined form is considered colloquial and in stylised text as a sveticism.

Edit 2020-07-27: I corrected a typo.


Very late to the discussion but loppu and lopussa actually have slightly different meanings. lopussa means the same thing as melkein loppu.

  • Maito on lopussa. I'm/You're/We're/etc. almost out of milk.
  • Akku on lopussa. The battery is almost dead.
  • Maito on loppu. I'm/You're/We're/etc. out of milk.
  • Akku on loppu. The battery is dead.

The inessive suggests that there's still some left. If the word is in the nominative, it's all gone. :)


are you sure it should be "Akku on loppussa", not "Akku on lopussa"? and if yes, then why?


Eh, that's a typo. Good catch!


why is "akku on lähes tyhjä, missä on laturi?" not accepted?


The most likely reason is that that alternative is not keyd in. But it ought, it is actually quite good.


Why, 'missä on laituri?' is wrong?


Because "laituri" means dock, pier, wharf, jetty or quay (the thing on the shore where you tie your boat to, or jump to swim from). "Laturi" means charger.


And even if you meant to type "laturi": as above, "missä on laturi" reads more as "where is there a charger".

I still keep getting that wrong, myself.


Missä on laturi? -> is correct too!

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