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"Lähellä on pieni järvi ja hyvä sauna."

Translation:There is a small lake and a good sauna nearby.

July 3, 2020



Does the "nearby" have to go at the end? I tried "There is a small lake nearby and a good sauna" and it was marked wrong.


You can also say “Nearby is a small lake and a good sauna”, which is still a valid sentence in English.


Not a native English speaker here, but I'd say it's better to have this at the end of the phrase because now it sounds like only the small lake would be nearby, or that you forgot about the sauna and just rushed to add it there too. So having it in the end is then pointing at both things and not just the first one.


Yep. Marked wrong, although for english speakers it is obvious that the the nearby will also include the sauna. Plus it is natural way of saying it.


nearby is a small lake and a good sauna was not accepted


“Nearby is a small lake and a good sauna” seems a better choice here because it's closer to a word for word translation and we're trying to learn a language here.


"A small lake AND a good sauna" means ARE, not IS. The comment below alters the word order to get round this point correctly.

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