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"There is a large, green spruce right there."

Translation:Tuossa on suuri vihreä kuusi.

July 3, 2020



Is there actually a difference between "iso" and "suuri"? My answer here was "Tuossa on iso vihreä kuusi", and was not accepted


They are pretty much the same thing, and can often be used interchangeably. There seems to be only a slight difference in use, mainly that "suuri" is used more often than "iso" when talking about abstract, immaterial things, while for concrete things both are used. An example: "iso mies" would be a big man literally (tall and large), while "suuri mies" can mean physically big, but it could also mean a great man (like a historical person or some such). Though even this slight difference is decreasing, as "iso" is invading the space reserved only for "suuri" nowadays. "Iso" might be a little bit more frequent in everyday usage.

Source: https://www.kielikello.fi/-/suurella-sydamella-tai-isolla (an interesting article by Riina Klemettinen, 2010, on the subject, but in Finnish)


This is just the kind of context I, and I expect many others, find really helpful. Kiitos, Riimususi.


iso and suuri mean the same and you should be able to use either one

[deactivated user]

    Are the words for six and spruce the same?


    In the nominative singular case, yes. Both are "kuusi". But in the other cases they have different forms.

    Nominative plural: spruces = "kuuset" but sixes = "kuudet"

    Genitive singular: spruce = "kuusen" but six = "kuuden"

    Partitive singular: spruce = "kuusta" but six = "kuutta"

    and so on! So you are right that the nominative form is the same but actually they are different words.


    This is helpful. Kiitos!


    There is a popular meme related to this, which you can find by searching for "kuusi palaa".

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