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  5. "Minä puhun usein englantia."

"Minä puhun usein englantia."

Translation:I often speak English.

July 3, 2020



Wouldn't it be I speak English often in English? Does the verb in Finnish always go on the second position? (And at the end in questions)


I'm not a native English speaker so I can't answer to that question, I probably do lots of weird stuff what comes to the word order because I'm from Finland and Finnish has pretty free word order. And talking of that, then to your next question:

In Finnish verb usually follows the subject but it (the verb) doesn't need to be on the second position, and it also does not need to be right next to the subject either but it's just the most natural place for that word when speaking. That's also why it's often at the end in questions because it's still following the subject which often is, at least in very short sentences, the second last word. (English switches the verb's and subject's positions in questions but Finnish doesn't do that, unless the question starts with a verb.)


"I speak English often" is fine, though I think "I often speak English" might be used more frequently.

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