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  5. "Er sieht sich um."

"Er sieht sich um."

Translation:He looks around.

August 5, 2014



What part of this sentence translates to "around"?


The "um" part corresponds to "around." The full verb "sich umsehen" means "to look around, to have a look around."

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Thanks. Explanations like these are excellent to learn. I'm having great difficulty in the reflexive section :)


All of these separable verbs need to be taught as such.


Agreed, it's really quite a mistake on Duolingo's part


to the reflexive verb section as a whole: these english translations are missing the reflexive pronouns, which create awkward sentences.


They are reflexive in German, not necessarily in English.


He looks about. Seems more or less the same to me.


Perhaps it's on usage, but I feel that 'looking about' is always looking about some thing, usually for extra details or similar. If someone is in a difficult situation and they are looking about, they are looking for the way out of the difficult situation, for example... Looking around is looking for something, generally. A person can be looking around a shop but not really wanting anything so much. Did you submit your answer to see if it'll get accepted? Could take some time.


Not really that concerned about being accepted. After doing exercises until my eyes cross, I start wondering is Duo too narrow in their interpretation, or have I got this all wrong. So I go to discussion for a change of pace and a broader perspective. I see this discussion relatively brief though it is, spans four years so immediate feedback is a rarity. Thanks for your thoughts they give me strength to return to the salt mines.


I think that the amount of interpretations hang mostly on submissions from people who get the main idea right. There are many ways to skin a cat...


why is "he sees around" wrong? Mouse hover shows "see" as translation for "sieht"!!


That sentence doesn't really mean anything in English, though. You can look around, and you can see someone around, but you can't just "see around."


I did not know..!! Thank you for the explanation. :-)

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