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  5. "Meillä on oma koti."

"Meillä on oma koti."

Translation:We have a home of our own.

July 3, 2020



Why isn't "We have our own house" correct? This seems more natural to say in english.


house = talo, koti = home But I'd personally agree with you that "We have our own home" might be more natural in English. I'm just still not sure if it would be accepted, so I have not reported it yet.


"We have our own home" is now accepted!


Is "We have an own home" definitely wrong or could it be accepted? :)


Definitely wrong - that isn't correct English. "We have our own home" is what you would use (qualifications: over 50 years of speaking English). Although the task that was set was to "Type what you hear", so the answer should be in Finnish.


This exercise doesn't always show up as a "Type what you hear"-like exercise, btw. In my case it's showing as a "Write in English" where you just choose from the words they already give you and put them in order, so I guess some of the doubts in "options" arise from there (not being fluent in English is a different matter altogether)


Ah, of course - back then I didn't realise that the sentences come up in different guises.


Following... I was asking myself the same


"We have our own home." is also a correct English.


Would it be different to say " We own a home" in Finnish? Comparing to "We have our own home"

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