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  5. "Millainen piha heillä on?"

"Millainen piha heillä on?"

Translation:What kind of yard do they have?

July 3, 2020



Can "piha" also be translated as "garden"?


Yes, you can. In fact, I like more this translation, although a closer word for garden in Finnish is "puutarha" (puu = tree). In some old Finnish dialects "piha" is "kartano", and this word is an equivalent to the English "garden", derived from Swedish "gård(en)". In Finnish literary tongue, "kartano" is "manor". This word comes from the Swedish word for manor, "herrgård" (literally "lord's garden").


Thanks for the detailed explanation, that was very helpful :)


Piha = yard / Garden = puutarha

You can call garden 'piha', but 'piha' doesn't necessarily have a garden, so you couldn't use 'puutarha' when there actually isn't one.


So does "Piha" mean "yard" in the American sense of the garden around a house, or is it more akin to "courtyard"?


I would say it can be both. "Koulun piha" = schoolyard. "Lapset leikkivät pihalla" = the children are playing in the yard / garden. "Heillä on kaunis piha" = they have a beautiful garden / yard.

[deactivated user]

    Piha is also used as garden.


    Apart from the fact of the proper meaning and subtle shades of usage I think garden should be accepted as equivalent of the Duo offered 'yard' here. Duo's sample sentences often use US vocabulary/spelling. I report it.


    Have they = do they have, believe me. In England, in any case!

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