July 3, 2020



So does the h sound like k?


No, it doesn't. I also checked the audios and they sound just right.

So the Finnish H is pronounced the same way as you would pronounce it in English words too, for example in "hair" or "have". K sounds bit like the English c but harder, I think there was something about this explained somewhere in the Tips too? Finnish k is hard like the k in "Thank you" or English words with -ck, like "a brick", but doesn't have the airflow thing (I forgot the proper term, there was something about it in Tips!) happening that happens in words like "car" or "cat".

The Tips and Notes section I'm talking about is under the second lesson called Good Luck, and it's the consonants one about Aspiration.


When I see an article which tells something good about Finland, I type "Suomi on really hyvää".


How is the "y" pronounced? When I listen to it here it sounds kinda like "u"


It's like the french bureau "eau". Combo of you, ew and oh

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