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"That day, we laughed a lot together!"

Translation:Ce jour-là, nous avons beaucoup ri ensemble !

July 3, 2020



What's wrong with cette journée-la nous avons beaucoup ri ensemble


Journée and jour are rarely interchangeable.
Remember that une journée is a lenght of time that you can experience, it can be good or bad. (J'ai passé une très bonne journée.)
Un jour is used for a date (ce jour-là) or a duration (pendant trois jours)


...but cette année-là has been used in similar exercises.


But we use years differently. "Cette année-là" means sometime during that year, not on that year.

In my opinion, "Cette journée-là" is not actually incorrect, given that Duo has omitted the word "On". It just means "During that day, …" as opposed to "On that day, …".

But it is not what would conventionally be used in this kind of sentence.

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