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"The Swiss jewelry is right there."

Translation:Sveitsiläiset korut ovat tuossa.

July 3, 2020



The ENG translation says "right there" but the translation requires "hiding".


Since when is "pilossa" translated as "right there"? Mistaaaaaake. And looks like it has been there for weeks now... Reported.


Sveitsiläiset korut ovat piilossa.==> piirossa is wrong, it should be "tuolla" ( over there)


Couldn't this be in singular? I tried with "sveitsilainen koru on tuolla", marked wrong.


How is "The Swiss jewelry is hidden" the same as "The Swiss jewelry is over there"???


Yup. Answer with "Sveitsiläiset korut ovat piilossa.", and then report that your answer should not be accepted. From what I remember reading, the more reports an issue gets, the faster it is fixed.


Please correct the mistake


the jewel are hiding because they saw a theif


Piilossa is hiding. Right there is tuossa. This should be adjusted in either the english sentence or the finnish one.


Can somebody explain me rhe difference between tuossa and tuolla? Does tuossa refer to a specific place that you can point out and tuolla refer to a place in general, like over there or did i understand it wrongly?


Most languages do not have that difference. But DL translates it differently to english: tuossa is translated as right there (near me) and tuolla is translated as over there (more near you). At least this is the way I can reproduce it.


"Tuossa" and "tuolla" are both pretty far from the speaker and the person being spoken to. "Tuossa", however, is more precise ("right there", in that exact spot), while "tuolla" is less precise, somewhere "over there". You might point your finger at thing that's "tuossa", but maybe wave your hand towards the thing that's "tuolla".

If you want to indicate distance (from speaker, the one being spoken to or both) you use "tämä", "tuo" and "se" (or their plural forms "nämä", "nuo" and "ne"). However, context also matters a lot with these.

Tämä (this), tässä (right here), täällä (over here) - usually close to the speaker

Tuo (that), tuossa (right there), tuolla (over there) - usually relatively far from both, although "tuo" and "tuossa" are closer (to the person being spoken to)

Se (that), siinä (right there), siellä (over there) - usually close to the one being spoken to


When would you use the singular - koru?


When talking about a single piece of jewelry, for example a single necklace.


They just change the "right there" translation to pilossa...ok game on


right there is not piilossa


Good to see that the piilossa has been changed into tuossa. :-)

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