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"Onko tuo mehua vai limonadia?"

Translation:Is that juice or soda pop?

July 3, 2020



"limonadia" is pronounced as "limoneidia", which is incorrect. Also, the word most finns actually use is "limsaa"


Came here to say this.

[deactivated user]

    Linonadia is Lemonade, come on Duolingo, get a grip, theres life beyond the USA!


    Ironically, almost no one in the US calls it soda pop. It's either soda or pop depending on the region, or generically "coke" for any flavour in the South. Perhaps some elderly people still use soda pop, but few others do.


    But you could have "soda"and still only be generically mildy ancient in USA, while "pop"in UK usage would place you in the >65 group.


    limonadia has really mangled pronunciation . This sentence is not the only one where it is apparent.


    You're correct, she's not pronouncing the first A properly at all, it should be pronounced just like a's in all other words too. In the examples it sounds that she's saying "limoneidia". Can somebody report this?


    I imagine it is hard to fix the currently used text to speech preset. Duolingo probably does not have the tools to alter it. They could switch to a different, more reliable TTS service.


    Wait, it's TTS? I thought they recorded the example sentences/words with a native speaker.


    Why isn'tfizzy drink acceptable, why only the American word soda, pop


    Are you all reporting these or just commenting? I think you need to do both.


    I agree with Stiofan. In the U.K. we would translate it as 'lemonade'. Only Americans talk about 'soda pop'


    "Lemonade" is accepted here, and generally, Duolingo does accept British English where it differs from American. I've never had a problem with using railway, petrol, bill (America "check"), grey, colour, trousers or pyjamas, for instance, though in some language courses it does insist on "subway" rather than "underground".


    fizzy drink not accepted? :-(

    [deactivated user]

      Regardless of the translation, the audio is way off


      I think "Is that juice or pop" should be accepted.


      It is, I just used those precise words, and it was marked as correct.


      I just used them and it marked wrong!


      Stiofan28 is right : "there is life beyond the USA" and lemonadia is simply lemonade


      Lemonade It's first time I hear soda pop , and I lived and studied in UK. Might be soda pop in USA , I can't deny )))


      Is that a juice or soda pop It shouid be accepted , cause this course use A and THE excessively


      A juice or the juice are countable nouns. So partitive case wouldn't be used. Mehua is "juice" or "some juice", not a/the juice.


      if incorrect usage of articles in answers where we have to type the translation counts as a mistake, there must be articles in such tasks in an order to end up with a correct sentence in English too


      Sorry, what do you mean? Neither the given sentence, "Onko tuo mehua vai limonadia?", nor the given English translation, "Is that juice or soda pop?" has an article in it (a, an, the, or the equivalent in Finnish).


      Exactly. Articles aren't normally used with mass nouns in English either. The Finnish language has no articles. They're determined when translating to another language contextually.


      Why is the p next to the o ? I had Pop wrong !

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