"Pourquoi la fête de la musique est-elle annulée ?"

Translation:Why is the music festival canceled?

July 3, 2020

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Covid-19, that's why.


Hey, my hometown hosted their music fest virtually instead...


Would, "Pourquoi la fête de la musique est annulée ?" (just est instead of est-elle) also be an correct sentence? If so, and perhaps more importantly if not, is there a way to know when to add this?


I'm still waiting for an answer to this, vjrtg. Great question.


Allow me to tag along. I also wanna know^^


Why is elle in this sentence? Would it still be good grammar if elle were removed?


What is wrong with... Why the music festival is cancelled?


Because in English the verb goes before the noun/pronoun in a question. "Is" will always come before "the music festival". Unlike French, there are very few ways of asking a question. You could say "the music festival is cancelled!?" with a rising tone at the end, emphasising "cancelled", which would be most often said as disbelieving reply to someone telling you that indeed, it is cancelled. It doesn't necessarily even require a verbal reply, although the implication is "why has it happened?" A nod or shrug to say "yes/I don't know why" would suffice.

That, however, us pretty much it when it comes to questions in English. You need a question word (why, who, how, etc), either at the beginning, or the end - or more propely as a single word question (which will turn the question more into the second version above. "It was cancelled? Why?"). After that, the verb + (pro)noun + whatever follows (often another verb). HTH


*is (not us). I should proof my comments more thoroughly!


Was anyone else given "Pourquoi la fête de la est-elle musique annulée" This really confused me but I think it was an error on Duolingo.

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