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"Can you see? That squirrel is already gray."

Translation:Huomaatteko? Tuo orava on jo harmaa.

July 3, 2020



It is unclear whether the you in English is singular or plural. Perhaps it should accept both huomaatteko ja huomaatko?


The notes suggest -huomaatko- as an option, but it was not accepted on 22Aug20.


Agree, it should


huomaatko? tuo orava on jo harmaa is very correct . next time you use sinä or te in your sentences so we can understand what you are asking for , I am sure that no one in here has a sixth sense to read your minds


singulier or pl, i 'm facing this problem in many lessons. it should accept both.


huomaatko should be accepted


I am getting so sick and tired of this same problem. Either accept both or signify which 'you' is used because my fun of learning is going out the window.


Just report it every time you encounter this problem. It is still a beta version, and the further you go, the more problems you will find I guess. Just see it this way: you are improving the course itself as well during learning.


Could it be näetkö/näettekö here?

[deactivated user]

    It could.

    Huomata is closer to "to notice" in English than to seeing. Though they can be used quite interchangeably, as in English I believe.


    Every time you encounter it, flag it!

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