"Tu m'aides à en attacher autour des cadeaux ?"

Translation:Can you help me tie some of it around the presents?

July 3, 2020

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Should it not be "LES cadeaux"?


'Around' translates, in this case, to "autour de". So 'around the presents' = "autour des (de + les) cadeaux".


'Tie IT around the presents'?


'... tie it' would refer to one definite unit and would rather translate "... l'attacher". Since "en" refers to more than one or an indefinite amount of someting, '... tie some/some of it' is a better translation.


The non-sequitur / randomness of these sentences makes these extra difficult. I struggled with translating this one simply because it has no context. I got it right but even when I had it right I stared at the sentence forever thinking, no that can't be right. But stuck with it because all my alternatives were equally odd.

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