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A little feedback to the Finnish team: Translations are often missing in Finnish

Hello, I started the Finnish course a few days ago and love it! What an amazing language, thank you for making this available.

It's a very strange language with many words to memorize. Unfortunately, when doing the exercises, when I click on "Check" to see if I have the right answer, often the translation is missing. It only tells us if the answer is correct or not. Usually it's when the question was about just one word.

I've been doing Norwegian for quite some time now, and there is always a translation with the correct answer. Would be really great if that could be the case with Finnish as well.

Thank you!

July 3, 2020



Terve! We are still in Beta. Please report any potentially missing translation by clicking on the flag icon. :)


Kiitos for letting me know how to report them. OK I'll do that! :-)


Another thing that could be fixed in Beta.

If Sámi is the preferred spelling, could there be a key for it in the English translations rather than having to use a cut n' paste from a keyboard that has an 'á'.

And to add, there also need to be keys for ä, ö, and å if they're expected to be used in the English translation.

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