"The head and the chest."

Translation:An ceann agus am broilleach.

July 3, 2020

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This is probably really obvious, and it's probably something I've missed along the way, but how do I know when to use 'an' or 'am'?


Im literally so chuffed i can answer this for you.. yay go Tara

So If its the letters B, F, M & P its 'am' and the rest is 'an' I learned this using the tips given.. Took me a white to get used to it so I use 'B'ig 'F'at 'M'ucky 'P'igs as a mnemonic which is a mix of both suggested lol..


Scroll to Food2 for those tips.. HH :)


Wow Tara - you only do you have incredible taste but you also give good advice. Thanks

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