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  5. "Sinä olet todella komea."

"Sinä olet todella komea."

Translation:You are really handsome.

July 3, 2020



I wrote konea instead of komea and it didn't point out that I had made a typo. 2020.7.19


Why the downvotes? Often, if we are off from the correct answer by just one typo then the software will helpfully point out that we have a typo. Instead it just accepted my incorrect answers blindly, which is not good because I didn't learn my mistake until much later.


Same with Konnea. 2021.6.20


What is the difference between komea and kaunis. Beautiful, handsome it is all about the outside.


They work the same way as in English too. If talking about people, "handsome" is used about men and "beautiful" more often about women, but nowadays people have also started to use that more and more about certain looking men as well. You can of course use these about things too, like a language can be "kaunis" or, this I feel like is more of a Finnish thing: a landscape or weather can be really "komea", but then it must be quite breathtaking for people to actually use that to describe a landscape.


They are quite different actually. "Kaunis" meaning "beautiful" is pretty obvious: it means that something has beauty in it: a beautiful thought, a beautiful melody, a beautiful person. "Komea" means "handsome", but it can also mean "impressive". "Komea hevonen" (= a handsome horse) means a well-built, majestic horse. "Komea temppu" means "an impressive trick".


I did not point out i made a type. A just put a before really


When u missclick... :/


Did notice a typo


For some reason I put "very" instead of "really". How much does "todella" means more "really" than "very" in this context ?

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