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  5. "He haluavat mämmiä."

"He haluavat mämmiä."

Translation:They want some mämmi.

July 3, 2020



Why the second umlaut?


This is called vowel harmony. In Finnish, you usually can't have a back vowel (a, u, and o) in a word with a front vowel (ä, y or ö). So if you need to add an ending with a back vowel, such as "a" for the partitive, to a word with a front vowel, such as mämmi, then add instead "ä".


This is very helpful, thank you!


Is it some kind of Finnish food?


Mämmi is a sweet rye based slop. Opinions on it are mixed even amongst finns but I think it's quite tasty. It's traditionally eaten during Lent and the ludicrous fibre content can be associated with the purging of sin.


Mämmi looks like someone ate it already, to put it nicely. Dark, viscous and thick. I (American) think it's delicious but my husband (Finnish) thinks it should be banned as a form of torture.

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