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"Excuse me, but do you speak either German or French?"

Translation:Anteeksi, mutta puhutteko te saksaa tai ranskaa?

July 3, 2020



Hm, I don't think "either" should be in the English translation. Usually 'either ... or' corresponds with 'joko ... tai' in Finnish, although I believe the case above is an exception. As it is the sentence teaches learners to drop the word 'either', which isn't always true. Removing 'either' from the English version does leave the sentence a little ambiguous, relying on inflection to convey the appropriate meaning, but it should be clear from context.


Can anyone explain me why "Anteeksi, mutta puhutko sinä saksaa tai ranskaa" is incorrect?


It is not wrong.


I don't get why the 2nd person singular is not accepted.


Same here, there is no context to say it should be either one. This course is a mad woman's breakfast sometimes. I reported it.


It should be vai not tai. Either... or... shows that you can only choose between 2 languages. This is what vai is in Finnish.

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That's a good observation! Although usually either-or is usually translated as joko-tai.


my question is on the use of 'tai'. I thought when askin a question then 'vai' should be used instead.


"Vai" is used only in questions but "tai" can be used in both questions and statements.

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