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  5. "Haluan vain olla rauhassa."

"Haluan vain olla rauhassa."

Translation:I just want some peace and quiet.

July 3, 2020



I want to be in peace. A perfectly fine english Statement. Haluan olla rauhassa.


"I just want some peace and quiet" is a weird and confusing translation. Would it be better phrased as "I just want to be at peace" or something?

[deactivated user]

    Very common to say 'peace and quiet' as thought it were a single thing in itself and not two separate things. To be "at peace" suggests being dead as in RIP (Rest In Peace).


    "I just want to be at peace" sounds like you are wishing for inner peace in general and whatever is going on in the outside world has no effect on you. The Finnish sentence is more about wanting to left alone to experience the quiet and solitude of the surrounding world to find that peace. A fine distinction I know, but an important one. :)

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