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"Pierre never keeps leftovers; he throws them away."

Translation:Pierre ne garde jamais les restes, il les jette.

July 4, 2020



Why "les" and not "des". Are they some specific leftovers?


I'm never a 100% sure about this, but I've come to "understand" it (as in miss less times hahaha) as even if it's not like you can count the leftovers, you do know which leftovers he keeps or not, his. So in some way, those are specific leftovers, it's not like he would go around the restaurant taking people's leftovers. I don't know if I make myself clear, but that's how I "understand" it, that it isn't just some leftovers, we're talking about his


"Pierre ne garde jamais de restes il les jette" rejected as of Jul 4, 2020. Reported.

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I too wondered about it being "de restes" since it follows a negative.


"Pierre ne garde jamais de restes; il les jette" accepted 07 June. Looks like Duo quibbled with Yves558328's punctuation...

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