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"David only knows how to cook cabbage."

Translation:David ne sait cuisiner que le chou.

July 4, 2020



Why is "le" chou used here, but "du" chou in, "Elle ne mange que du chou"?



david ne sait que cuisiner/faire cuire du chou


I typed "David sait seulement cuisiner du chou" and DL accepted it but said that I had an "extra space" and it should be ".... duchou". Is this seriously an acceptable combination or did someone at DL forget to add a space?


Someone at Duo forgot to add a space! :p


Is it the same as "David sait seulement cuisiner le chou"?


David ne sait que cuisiner le chou? The English is ambiguous.


I had that as well. However, I think that would mean he only knows how to cook cabbage, and literally doesn't know how to do anything else. Whereas Je ne sait cuisiner que le chou means cabbage is the only thing he knows how to cook. While the English is ambiguous, it does seem far more likely that it means the second one (since I can't imagine a person surviving if the only knowledge they have is how to cook cabbage).


Another great "correction", no. 3 for this section so far: 'David sait seulement cuisiner lechou." This is really ridiculous!


should be du chou. Terrible DUO!


Both « du » & « le » are accepted so you must have had another error! :)


but why are they both accepted? I put "David ne sait que cuisiner du chou" which is a different word order, and has du instead of le, which was accepted

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