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  5. "Minulla on valkoinen poni."

"Minulla on valkoinen poni."

Translation:I have a white pony.

July 4, 2020



Two questions:

1) Is this pony in the technical sense, i.e. either a specific pony breed (Shetland, Welsh, etc.) or a horse standing at or under 14.2hh, or is it cute-talk, pony = horse the way bunny = rabbit?

2) How does one say "horse"?


1) It is an actual pony. Cute-talk for horse might be "heppa".

2) Hevonen.


Perfect! Kiitos!

Having owned horses and ponies, these distinctions are of vital importance to me. ;-)


White pony in America refers to a particular drug.


Another question, if you have the time: how would I say "I had a white pony", past-tense? I know it's leaping ahead in the lesson tree, but I lost my own horse --a grey, and only 14.2hh, so arguably a "valkoinen poni"-- a couple years back, and it would be nice to know the phrase in the past tense.


"Minulla oli valkoinen poni". You can easily do that with other pronouns too: sinulla oli, meillä oli etc.


Again, @outilein: kiitos! I'll try not to confuse myself with it.

Minulla oli todella kiltti valkoinen hevonen (ja hän oli poni).


Deftones - Valkoinen poni.


I accidentally typed it in english

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