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"Hänellä on vielä yksi litra mehua."

Translation:He has one liter of juice left.

July 4, 2020



It's odd to me "she has one liter of juice left" gets flagged as a typo on the website? Pretty sure in the app, when han (umlaut) is used, it just reminds you that it could translate as either he or she.


15 of September, "she" still counts as a mistake. flagged as "my answer should be accepted"


I flagged this as "something else went wrong" - she should be accepted as an alternative, not flagged as a typo.


Fully agree. This is still a problem as of 9-Feb-2021.


We don't have any control over what gets flagged as a typo. Both he and she are among the accepted answers.


And now it doesn't even get flagged as a typo. Instead it's flat-out marked wrong. What is going on?


No difference between he or she, my answer "she has one liter of juice left" should be accepted then.


Yep, and it's still not fixed six months later. I'd say about 10% of my effort learning Finnish goes towards memorizing exactly which way certain sentences need to be translated to satisfy Duolingo.

(And I know the mods do a LOT of work. This is more a complaint about Duolingo itself. There ought to be a way for a course to indicate that two words should be interchangeable by default, like "he" and "she" when translating from Finnish to English, instead of having to manually add every variation on every sentence individually.)


Wouldn't it be "He has still one liter of juice"? I find that comes closer to the finnish sentence or am I mistaken?


"He still has one litre of juice" is the more natural way to say it in English.


The translations are the way the phrase would be said by someone speaking English. If you heard someone say "he has still one liter of juice" it wouldn't sound natural and you'd probably guess that person was not a native English speaker.


That doesn't make it incorrect. "he has still one liter of juice" is a perfectly acceptable English sentence even if it isn't exactly the way most native speakers would phrase it.


Sorry if this is already explained elsewhere, but why does "mehua" have an 'A' on the end of it?


It is the partitive case and it is used here because juice in an uncountable noun. It's similar to how you would use de la/du in French with things like juice, milk etc.


Yeah, it's "one litre OF juice", not "one juice". :)


how about "(s)he has one more liter of juice"? why is this wrong?


"She has one liter of juice left" not accepted (7/14/21). reported.


Same here, (8/22/21), reported again.


Still unfixed as of 12-Sept-2021.


Why is the sentence marked wrong?


No one can see what you typed, so it's impossible to answer.


13-sept-2021 "she" is still not working


This is wrong, hän could be either he or she


i got marked wrong for the same reason


14-nov-21 is accepting "she has one liter of juice left" finally

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