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  5. "Puhun harvoin ranskaa."

"Puhun harvoin ranskaa."

Translation:I rarely speak French.

July 4, 2020



"I speak rarely french" should still be an acceptable answer


Thats not acceptable word order in English, though.


It isn't normal word order but it is perfectly understandable. So is, "I amrarely speak of the french." Many years ago in Mexico it occurred to me that it is probably a good idea not to speak another language too well because if you pronounce things well and get all the words in the right order people are likely to assume that you know more of that language than you do, answering your simple question with a long line of babble that you don't understand.


Would it be incorrect to say "Mina harvoin puhun ranskaa"?


(I'm native speaker)

No, it is not incorrect. You can always omit the first and second person pronouns, both the singular and plural ones, i.e. minä, sinä, me, te. Note, that omitting is the default, neutral way. If you use those, you're (slightly) emphasising who is doing something. Try to avoid overuse.

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