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"On peut lui payer un aller simple pour la Lune ?"

Translation:Can we pay for a one-way ticket to the moon for him?

July 4, 2020



Can we pay him for a....


No, I don't think that works.

payer is transitive (it takes a direct object) and can mean "to pay" or "to pay for".

So, "We pay him" is On le paye/paie - le is the direct object; and "We can pay him for the work" is On peut le payer pour le travail - le is the direct object, le travail is the indirect object.

"We can pay for a one way ticket..." = On peut payer un aller simple ...; un aller simple is the direct object.

"We can pay for a one way ticket for him..." = On peut lui payer un aller simple ...; lui is the indirect object ("for him") and aller simple remains the direct object.


You're absolutely right, lulularose. Lui is simply the indirect object, no more and no less. The French construction is a little different from the English, but the default translation has captured it perfectly. Thanks for the great explanation!


I think it's "Can we buy him a..."


I think actually the suggested translation is different (i.e. wrong) from what is written and implied in french... Can we pay him... is different from Can we pay a ticket for him... right? And I think what is written is 'Can we pay him..." (and there is no Report button with this excercise!)


We can pay him => On peut le payer

We can pay for him => On peut lui payer


Can we pay him...?


How do we know that we aren't paying him?


Yes, I agree, once it was translated I saw the intention that I should have spotted before but a simple translation is 'Can we pay him.." It's obviously not that because why would anyone pay for a one-way ticket if it wasn't to get rid of someone else! I'd love to visit the moon but I'd want to come back!


400 years from now and this sentence is just a humble request for a gift to grand-grandson, who starts his low-gravity studies and moves away from home.


I found this awkward to translate from French to English and put "Can we get him a one way ticket..." Since French doesn't have an equivalent for "get"

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