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  5. "Tämä ruoka on outoa."

"Tämä ruoka on outoa."

Translation:This food is strange.

July 4, 2020



Why is it "outoa" instead of "outo"?


"Tämä ruoka on outo." would work better with a countable object. I suppose it could work pointing out a particular dish or type of food, but then it's more natural to say "Tämä on outo ruokalaji."

ruoka = food ruokalaji = dish

"Tämä ruoka on outoa." means more commonly that this is some strange food. So the form "outoa" means that there is some of it.

"Tämä lehmä on outo." would mean like: "This/that cow is strange."

"Tämä lehmä on outoa." would then give an image that you're eating some of the cow. (This is some strange cow.)

If that made any sense :)


Thank you for your elaborated explanation; someone on another thread also told me, that this is the partitve-case - I was just confused because it wasn't introduced/explained anywhere and for the english sentence it doesn't really make any difference (other than you can use "some..." at times).


the tips introducing new concepts are consistently on the web version. its not always there on the mobile app. :-(


The school lunch system gets exposed-


Why is 'weird' not acceptable?

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