"Sono particolari."

Translation:They are peculiar.

May 14, 2013

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is this correct? in english particular and peculiar are two very different words


Yes, "particolare" in Italian can mean both "specific" and "special" depending on context; some usages of "particular" don't even translate to "particolare", for instance "he's particular about his food" (that would be "schizzinoso" or "esigente").


Under particolare in my Oxford Paravia italian dictionary, nowhere does it include the word 'perculiar'. However looking up the word 'Peculiar' it does define it as particolare used for exceptional situations and circumstances. Here, It doesn't seem to me to fit this case as it is undefined.


I think a better translation would be something like "They are special."
You would probably be considered rude if you in italian say Sono peculiare/bizzarro/strano = They are peculiar/bizarr/strange

According to Merriam Webster dictionary:
- Particular = concerned with details, specific
- Peculiar = not normal, unusual, strange

According to Word Reference (Eng - Ital):
- Particular = Particulare, specifico, preciso
- Peculiar = Peculiare, bizzarro, strano


I found that "particular" and "peculiar" can be synonymous (as well as "special", "specific", perhaps "strange"), but the dictionary stated "before noun".


I have never heard particular used to mean strange or peculiar. If someone is "very particular" about something, it means they will only have it one way. If someone is particular about their food, it means they choose what they eat very carefully. This use of particolare must be very Italian!


I use "particular" to me "very specific." I use "peculiar" to me "oddly out of the ordinary." A "particular" type of rare performance tire could be used on an expensive car. But if the tires were square, I'd say they are "peculiar."


How can I know in this sentence that it is referring to "They are" instead of "I am", because "Sono" can mean both. For this reason, I answered "I am particular", and that was incorrect. And, the Italian word "Particolari" can mean either "particular" or "peculiar." :((


The ending of 'particolari' <- i indicates the plural of 'particlare'
(Io) sono particolare.
(Loro) sono particolari.


Why couldn't it be "I am particular?" The way it is pronounced, the word could be either "particolari" or "particolare" whichn would make the "I" just as logical.


I agree that it is a challenge to hear that last vowel, which makes the difference between the two translations!


what is wrong with 'they are details'?


Works now ;) thanks!


My dictionary days that Peculiar in Italian is Peculiare not Particulare. The words have totally different meanings in English and I suspect in Italian also.


Isn't "sono" also used for io sono particulare?


I was having a look at this word on Wiktionary and it says it can be used as a euphemism for homosexual - just wondering if this is fairly common? If you were to describe someone as particolari would the first interpretation for a native speaker be 'peculiar' or 'gay'?


please someone teach me WHY this is plural, THEY and not the form IO?


The ending of particolari <-- the "i" indicates it is plural.

"Sono particolare" is the single version.


Do you mean particular? Peculiar means odd or strange? I'm confused


Perhaps a look at WordReference definitions might help clear up the confusion.


:) KK
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Non sono naturali


is this a spelling test or a language skill test?


Sono particolare....I am particular (or peculiar)

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