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"– Are you painting a picture? – Yes, I am."

Translation:–Maalaatko taulua? – Maalaan.

July 4, 2020



Could Kuva not be used in this context?


The Finnish equivalent of "picture", which is "kuva", isn't as broad as its English equivalent. It mainly refers to a photograph.


I've tried the full version: "Maalaatko sinä taulua? Minä maalaan" and it got rejected. Why?


I would understand this like: "Is it you, Mika, who is painting the picture?" and Juha answers: "It's me, Juha."


I wonder why "kyllä" is not used here.


It can be used, but it's unnecessary.


Why is "olen" not a correct translation?


Because the concept of using the auxiliary (to be) in the positive answer works only in English, and not in Finnish :) In Finnish you have to repeat the main verb.

  • "Oletko vanha?" "Olen." (Are you old? Yes, I am.)
  • "Maalaatko taulua?" "Maalaan." (Are you painting the picture? Yes, I am.)


Because the "olla" verb is not used in the question.


I am wondering why the answer "Maalaatko te taulua? Maalaan" is considered as wrong.


I think that here sinä is the correct form


Both "sinä" and "te" works because "you" can be both singular and plural. However, the verb needs to agree with the subject about number. "Maalaatko" is singular whereas "te" is plural so there is no subject-verb concord. The correct form for the verb would be "maalaatteko".


So, is it possible to skip the subject in a question? and when?


It's possible to skip the subject in any kind of sentence when the subject is either in 1st person or 2nd person. Additionally, clauses containing a passive verb and clauses that express the weather (e.g. "sataa") or some kind of physical sensation (e.g. "minua sattuu") or emotional sensation (e.g. "minua pelottaa") inherently lack a subject if there is no copula. The personal pronouns in the two previous examples are objects.


I also think the sentence coyid be finished with Olen instead of Maalaan , correct me if i am wrong


The answer needs to match the question, so no. The question word used here is "maalaatko". Using "olen" as the answer would be fitting only if the question word were "oletko" instead.


When do you have to add te? Do you realize was tajutatteko te and atr you painting only maalaatko. I got it wrong in the first sentence for not adding te, and wrong in the second one for adding it.


1st person and 2nd person pronouns are optional.

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