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  5. "We have the same food again!"

"We have the same food again!"

Translation:Meillä on taas samaa ruokaa!

July 4, 2020



Is it wrong to say "Meillä on samaa ruokaa taas!"?


That's another correct way of saying it. "Taas meillä on samaa ruokaa!" would also be correct


No. That is correct too.


Finnish has a very loose sentence structure.


English is similarly loose --but with the caveat that the different arrangements have different tone and/or emphasis. Is Finnish the same?


Yes, but even more so in Finnish. In English you can’t just freely say “The cat chased the dog” and mean “the dog chased the cat” because the word order also tells us what is the subject and the object. If you want to invert that, you need to do other grammatical conversions. In Finnish, word order generally doesn’t tell us what is subject or object; the cases handle that and leave the word order even freer.


It's all done with cases, hmm? I anticipate I'm in for a rough time of it.

"The cat, chased; the dog" might do it, depending on the context around it, but yes, I see your point --and it's an esoteric structure, and I had to use punctuation to get the effect.

More to the point: by my question I actually meant more to ask whether the arrangement of words (and, apparently, the utilization of different cases) can be used to adjust the emotional tone of the sentence. "We have the same food again!" potentially offers different insight into the speaker's feelings about the situation than, "Again, we have the same food!" or even "We again have the same food!"; the first might more plausibly emphasize enthusiasm, the second, frustration, the third, exasperation, depending on the surrounding context. Does Finnish lend itself to these same subtleties in the same way, or does it achieve its own similar effects by different means and the word order is largely inconsequential to emotional tone?



Meilla on samaa ruokaa taas should be accepted


A spoiled kid. Just eat little bastard.


Hei! I would like to ask if uudelleen could be used except of taas.

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