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"Miikka, millainen asunto sinulla on?"

Translation:Miikka, what kind of apartment do you have?

July 4, 2020



Just to clarify - "what kind of [x] do you have" and "what is [x] like" are two different questions in English. 'Millainen' covers both in Finnish?


You are right. "Millainen asunto sinulla on?" = "What kind of apartment do you have?" "Millainen sinun asuntosi on?" = "What is your apartment like?"


Asunto in Spanish is "matter" :)


That was exactly my thought when I first saw this sentence. I was like, "Oh, a Spanish word!" before I realized it was Finnish and meant something entirely different, lol.


What exactly is "asunto"?


It commonly refers to an apartment, as the translation suggests. Since you're asking, perhaps the UK English term "flat" is more familiar to you. Although it can also be any type of residence, since it literally means something along the lines of "place where one lives".


Alright thanks! For some reason I thought sinulla was apartment there.


Joo, ei. :) "Sinulla" is "sinä" + "-llA, which combined with "on" (is) means "you have".

"minulla on" - I have

"hänellä on" - s/he has

"meillä on" - we have

"teillä on" - you have

"heillä on" - they have

"koiralla on" - the dog has

However, the -llA (adessive) ending is used to indicate e.g. that something is on something else, so if you see the -llA ending that isn't a sure indicator of a possessive construction.

"pöydällä on" - on the table is

"katolla on" - on the roof is

"Kissa on pöydällä/Pöydällä on kissa" - there's a cat on the table

If you wanted to express that something's on you, the dog etc. you could use the word "päällä" (on top of), which you can also use with words such as "pöytä" etc.

"Päälläni on koira" - there's a dog on (top of) me

"Pöydän päällä on kissa" - there's a cat on (top of) the table

The adessive is also used in the following construction (as well as in many others):

"Tavataan asunnolla/talolla" - let's meet at the apartment/house


So, "i have xxx" is more literally like "on me is xxx"?


@Lassi492061 It is unfortunate that all those little languages and dialects are being lost. The technical term for that finno-ugric underlayment is "substrate".


Yes, it is. In Russian it is similar: У меня есть, literally "at me there is/are".

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