"S'ils me mettent encore en attente, je raccroche."

Translation:If they put me on hold again, I'm hanging up.

July 4, 2020

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OK. Listening there is NO hint that it's plural! This happens over and over. It's fine to require plural if it's a translation and it clearly says "they," but not for a listening one. :(

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There is a difference in pronunciation:

Ils me mettent -- "tte " is pronounced.

il me met --"t" does not pronounce.


don't think I agree - this is a copy of my response below: That should be true, but with the liaison with encore, the audio I'm hearing sure sounds like a single "T" sound before the encore. I would say the audio is screwed up and it just sounds singular (factoring in the liaison).

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I actually came to the forum for "...I am hanging up", which I think should be either "I hang up" or "I will hang up". With a quick look, I did not see what I was to look for.

Thank you for showing me the content of other messages. Sorry I did not read carefully all messages.


If they still put me on hold, I'm hanging up. wrong


Could this not translate as "If they still put me on hold I'll hang up"


That makes no sense. If you're already on hold then they can't put you on hold and if you're not already on hold then "still" is incorrect.

What I think you must mean is "If they still keep me on hold …", which I think should be an accepted translation (but probably is not, because I think it would translate back with "toujours").


Can "mettre en attente" be used for "put on hold" beyond the context of the telephone? For example, could I use it to say something like "The budget has been cut. We have to put the new project on hold until we have the money"?


Duo, please correct the English translation as: "I will hang up". Thank you


In my opinion the word "again" could be placed after "me" instead of after "hold." Either sentence would be just fine. The preferred translation does make good sense to me, however.


I thought the same...


I heard, "S'il me mette encore en attente, je raccroche", and assumed the subjunctive was being used because of the 'if'... but no-one else on here seems to have done the same thing so was I wrong?

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