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  5. "Kasvissa on vain yksi lehti."

"Kasvissa on vain yksi lehti."

Translation:The plant only has one leaf.

July 4, 2020



On the plant would be the far far better translation to English for this sentence. Leaves grow on a plant in English.


The given translation is far more natural english. That the leaf is on the plant is obvious in english and doesn't need to be (re)specified, without a good reason- i.e. there are lots of leaves about but thete on the plant is one leaf.


I believe originally the translation said, "There is only one leaf in the plant"

The current translation is certainly better than that one, although it deviates some from the more literal style translation of "There is only one leaf on the plant"


More accurate translation would be "There is only one leaf on the plant". "The plant only has one leaf" would be "Kasvilla on vain yksi lehti".


This lesson has so many awkward or wrong English translations I don't even know what nature is supposed to look like anymore.

[deactivated user]

    Kasvissa > In (on) the plant, Kasvisilla on (The plant has)


    What's wrong with "There is just one leaf on the plant"? the hints have "just" and "only" for vain...


    Still not sure why Kasvi on vain yksi lehti isn't more appropriate. Why kasvissa unless it's the passive-voice "There is only one leaf on the plant"?


    Wouldn't "kasvi on vain yksi lehti" mean "the plant is only one leaf"?


    Yes, you're right. After working my way through the lesson on inessives I get it now. The –ssa suffix is fairly multi-purpose.


    Hope the official version of the course will be better.

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