"My stepmother and I, we used to get along well."

Translation:Ma belle-mère et moi, nous nous entendions bien.

July 4, 2020

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Why is "on s'entendait bien" incorrect?


Because it's a double subject, so a plural agreement is needed.

Elle + moi = nous


Isn't "on" the informal way to say "we", then it should work just fine.


The comment from Roody-Roo is (in this instance), unfortuantely redundant.

Yes, a plural agreement is needed. This is something that has been tripping up some learners in a number of earlier exercises in the French tree.

However, the use of « on » is a perfectly-common informal form of plural agreement alternative to « nous ». In this case, unless there is something specific indicating the requirement for a formal register, the « nous » form shouldn't be the only acceptable answer.

I reported « ma belle-mère et moi, on s'entendait bien », but this often takes months (if not years) to get added as a correct response... in the French tree, there are a number of exercises missing the « on » form as an accepted response, although (thankfully) fewer than there were in prior years.


I reported it 6 months ago maybe it won't be too much longer


Ma belle-mere et moi, nous nous entendions bien. Was marked wrong.

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