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"Why is French an important language?"

Translation:Miksi ranska on tärkeä kieli?

July 4, 2020



Koska se on maailmankieli jota puhutaan, opetetaan ja opiskellaan kaikissa maanosissa


Is "Miksi on ranska tärkeä kieli?" incorrect or does it just sound weird? And how about an "on" in the end of the sentence?


The subject and verb are inverted in English questions, but this does not happen in Finnish when the question begins with an interrogative word instead of a verb. The subject in this sentence is "French" and the verb is "is". A statement would begin with "French is...", but they are inverted because it's a question. Finnish would do the same only if the question were to begin with a verb, as in "onko ranska...".


Both sound weird, although not really incorrect. I would only expect to encounter them in poetry or song lyrics.


sometimes the answers place 'on' at the end .... is there an easy way to know when to do this?


Do you have an example?


Would love to know this as well


Onko lause "Miksi ranska tärkeä kieli on?" väärä vastaus?


It is understandable although it sounds strange because of the word order. It's more or less how Yoda in the Star Wars movies would speak: "Why French an important language is."

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