"Cette jupe est en soie, mais je préfère celle-ci."

Translation:That skirt is made of silk, but I prefer this one.

July 4, 2020

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I know "celle-ci" means "this one," but this sentence makes no sense without a physical gesture, so I wrote "that one" to distinguish the two. I know it's technically wrong, but this exercise provides a particular challenge with no illustration.


'That skirt is silk, but I prefer this one' makes sense.


or "This skirt.....that one"


this skirt is made of silk but i prefer that one


I think then it would be celle-là


Celle-ci is this one and celle-là is that one. However doublelingot is absolutely correct. In American English we are less wordy when talking about what material something is made of. We just say that the article of clothing IS the material. The skirt is silk is all that is necessary to say, so that answer should be marked correct. It is understood that word for word in French the sentence means the skirt is made of silk or the skirt is of silk.


this skirt is in silk but i prefer this one should be accepted


word for word correct! But then you are not challenging and expanding your full understanding of the this/that contextual meanings of ce/celle/celui etc etc and their suffixes ci/la. First pass I didn't either.


Absolutely correct...... not fair!


Why isn't « celles-ci » accepted? Depending on context you could say "these ones"


i think you are right. These pronouns referenced a previously mentioned noun... so although the noun in 'cette' is one skirt I don't think it excludes the noun in the 'preferred' statement to be referencing other 'skirts'... i would report it..

EDIT: Chanced by on this sentence again Jan 13/2022. Of course if the french sentence is celle-ci it cant be 'these ones' which then would be celleS-ci.


Celle-ci pronounces as "ceci"


I wrote "That skirt is of silk but I prefer this one" and was marked incorrect.

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