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  5. "suuri valkoinen stadion"

"suuri valkoinen stadion"

Translation:a large, white stadium

July 4, 2020



When I hover over a word, it gives me the complete sentence. Could someone fix this? It usually only gives the one or two connected words...


That's just the way Duolingo works. Words often change translation depending on context, so when you hover over a word the context is often included. It's to avoid giving you a wrong translation.


Helsingin olympiastadion?


I wrote huge instead of large and was marked wrong. Is there a significant difference between the two?


Well, I would say large = suuri and huge = valtava. If I want to emphasize that something is really, really big, I would say valtava (=huge). If I say a dog is large (=suuri koira), it's just a large dog, but if I say a huge dog (=valtava koira) it's bigger than large.


I know I get it right either way, so it oughtn't be a big deal, but it makes my head hurt that I can't determine if it is A large, white stadium, or The large white stadium.


Is there a difference in finnish between when to use suuri and iso? Large and big seem interchangeable to me in english

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