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"Do you want something to drink?"

Translation:Haluatteko jotain juotavaa?

July 4, 2020



Really frustrating..same line is accepted in some questions and not accepted in some other.


Why are sentences like these, in general, almost always assumed to be second person plural ? How does it alter in case it's second person singular ?


Haluatko -> 2nd person singular


Why no "te" here?


The pronouns 'minä', 'me', 'sinä', and 'te' are optional.


Why not "haluatko jotain juoda"?


It's rather unusual to split the verb phrase by putting the object between the verbs.


If "Haluatko juoda jotain?" is acceptable, is there a usage difference between that and "Haluatko jotain juotavaa?" I know how these sentences are different grammatically, but does one construction get used more, and is there any difference in meaning?


At least pragmatically speaking, it makes no discernible difference whatsoever. I don't know of a great empirical way compare their frequency of usage, but at least judging by the number of google search results, "haluatko jotain juotavaa" is about 2.5 times more common. That's also in the ballpark of what I would estimate on the basis of my intuition.


Hmmm... why does the infinitive "juoda" look like that? I'm trying to find it online too and having trouble. Again, this would be sooooo helpful to read about in"tips"


It's not a verb, it's the adjective "juotava", which literally means "drinkable", but it's usually better translated as "drink" (the noun).


Well, it's a participle, and can be used like an adjective.


It seems that if I can replace the word with 'sweet' or 'soda', I'd use juotava.

Minä haluan jotain juotavaa (I want something 'to drink').... which I can say (I want something sweet).

Where as if I want to say Minä haluan juoda mehua (I want to drink juice) .... Juoda comesa after haluan (I want TO DRINK).

I hope this helps.


'Juotavaa' isn't the infinitive of 'juoda'. 'Juotavaa' is the partitive form of 'juotava', which is the passive participle of 'juoda'. It's a verbal adjective, meaning something like 'being drunk' or 'which is drunk'.


Literally "Do you want something drinkable?" Seems an odd construction

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